FairDealsShop Com - Fishing scam

put my card info in to buy a safe and it said my card was declined , now i have almost a 600.oo charge to my card because of these pieces of *** buyer beware
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FairDealsShop Com - They obtained CC info and used to purchase items overseas

I tried to purchase an item but payment did not go through. They then advised to buy a gift card which I did not and I gave up on the purchase. 1 month later, the CC I initially used was utilised fraudulently for other purchases online. I had to report and cancel all the CC’s I had initially used to purchase the item. I am definite it is them as one of the CC’s I used, I never use for online purchases except in this instance. Both CC’s that I used to try to pay which was rejected b4 they asked to buy a gift card were affected. Definitely a scam to get your CC info. I just don’t want others to be scammed.
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FairDealsShop Com - Phishing Name-Address-and-Credit-Card Information

March 25 2019. When you order product and correctly enter your name, address, and detailed credit card information, they send back "Credit Card Declined, Enter another Credit Card." I should have read the other recent reviews saying the same thing!
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I liked
  • Terrific offering price
I didn't like
  • Phishing scheme to collect personal financial info
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